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By Jana E. Pye, Editor,

Community leaders and law enforcement gathered together for a community forum entitled “Bridge the Gap” on Thursday, August 4 at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Darlington to discuss recent issues affecting our nation; Chevron T. Scott, Esq., was the moderator of the event. Scott, an attorney and judge, reached out to his friends and family on his personal Facebook page for questions to pose to law enforcement, community and religious leaders.

“Several weeks ago God touched my heart,” said Scott. “God said something needed to be done in order for us as a community to be better. With that in mind, I spoke with Dr. Brommell to create a better working conditions for our police officers and our community to feel better about those who protect and serve and prosecute us.”
Chief Watson spoke on the choices his officers make each day.

“Let’s say a young mother goes to the grocery store for a can of formula for her child and she doesn’t have any money. Are you going to put her in jail? It’s the right thing to do, that’s what the law says. but, is it the right thing to do? These are questions we are faced with every day when we do what we do.”

Watson shared that body cameras have been on City of Darlington officers since 2008.

Along with moderator Scottt, community members in attendance were given an opportunity to ask questions:

What will you do to address complaints, particularly when those individuals are fearful?

How do I instruct my young son how to act when pulled over?

How can I alleviate the fears that my neighbors have?

What types of diversity training do you offer?

One resident lamented the fact that there were no women on the panel, and another that when telling a story, a law enforcement offficer referred to an elderly man as African American. “Why could you not just say, ‘a man’?”

Organizers of the event will hold additional forums in the near future. Videos will be uploaded ASAP. Mobile users, please click link to view more photos: Bridge the Gap

Author: Duane Childers

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