A testimony about a miraculous healing

By Bill Holland

I want to share a praise report of God healing someone I know personally.
We hear about sickness and disease and the endless cries of why, but rarely do we learn about miracles when God intervenes and touches a person with His creative and restoring authority.
In the New Testament, there are true accounts of Jesus asking what He can do for those who were suffering, and when they told Him their request, He said, “I will.” As Christians, we pray because we believe God is listening and that He will answer our petitions according to His perfect plans.
His written word is His general will, and He also has a specific will where He speaks directly to us. This is where we need to advance in our spiritual discernment and sensitivity.
For example, God says that He will bless a couple when they are married, but there is not a chapter and verse saying Sally will marry Joe. With every decision in life, the Almighty is trying to get our attention as He desires to lead us into divine appointments we commonly call “walking in His Spirit.”
Can you imagine how much more meaningful our life would be if we could develop a constant awareness of His presence? I help manage a food distribution ministry that receives groceries from large markets and we give it away to those who could use a blessing. We have a team of 10 individuals that work in this community outreach three times each week.
One of the members, Wanda Humes, is a very sweet Christian lady who was the victim of a rear-end collision two years ago. The cervical vertebrae in her neck were damaged and the muscles and tendons have been pulling her chin down to her chest since the accident.
This has caused her head to point directly to the ground without being able to lift it. Any attempt to raise her head was excruciating and so she has been walking around not being able to see people when she talks to them.
People are constantly criticizing her for not looking at them when they are talking to her. I have felt compassion for her and occasionally I will gather the team around her to pray that God would heal her.
On Feb. 25, the trailer had just been unloaded and we were loading our vehicles to give the food away when suddenly I felt compelled to gather the two team members still there and to pray for Wanda again.
I laid hands on her along with Louise Gauthier and Norman Cline and started asking Jesus to touch her neck. I said I believe that God can straighten bones, muscles, and tendons, and He is our provider and healer. I was pleading the blood of Jesus over her while these two witnesses were agreeing and together we sealed this request in the Name of Jesus.
We left and went separate ways with the food. Fifteen minutes later I received a call. Louise and Wanda had pulled over on the side of the road shouting praise God into the phone, saying that Wanda’s neck suddenly straightened up for the first time in two years!
She could raise her head and see the sky like it was before the accident! We came back together about an hour later and were rejoicing when we saw her neck had been completely healed by the love and mercy of Christ.
We do not always understand why God heals some and does not heal others or about His perfect timing, but as I explain in my last book about miracles, there are so many factors involved.
It’s not easy to discern the plans of God without fervently seeking His face and even then He is not obligated to share His reasons in every situation. We know that God spoke the universe into existence with His voice, yet many fail to believe He can speak to their sickness and remove it.
The Bible says in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Be encouraged, He can heal anyone of anything. There is nothing special about me, I’m just a person like you trying to live for Him as I continue learning how to love Him and those around me.
I humbly relay this testimony to you and declare that in this particular case, it was God’s will to manifest His power on this day at this moment for His glory.

Author: Stephan Drew

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