Where is this in Darlington County?

Where is this in Darlington County?

Where is this in Darlington County?

The photo from last week was of the gazebo at the Saleeby Center in Hartsville, a place for quiet respite and enjoyment of the outdoors for residents and employees of the facility. The gazebo was recently spruced up by Hartsville resident Johnny Andrews, much to the delight of the staff of the Saleeby Center.

Although Johnny didn’t want any credit for what he did, his son thought that others should know…and we agree!

“My Dad finished all of the repairs recently, on the Saleeby Center gazebo here in Hartsville. He completely re-screened and refurbished the dilapidated structure from the ground up at his own expense and in his free time, and he also repainted the entire gazebo and the rocking chairs. Others helped him here and there briefly, but the bulk of the work was done by him alone…..98% of the job. The Saleeby Center is a state supported residential facility for adults with special needs, named after the late Hartsville attorney, Thad Saleeby, brother of the late S.C. State Senator from my area, Edward E. Saleeby. I’m proud of dad’s unselfishness, and forgive me for bragging. My father isn’t one to promote himself. He’s a true ambassador for Christ. You don’t need a political office or some impressive title to make a difference in your community. We all can do great good, and we all have talents. Here’s proof, if you have any doubt whatsoever. I’m so very grateful to have a father with a servant’s heart.” Andy Williams.

Readers who guessed correctly were: Tywan Goodson, and Bill Segars.

Can you guess where this week’s photo was taken in Darlington County?

Please send your guesses to: editor@newsandpress.net or call 843-393-3811. Good luck!

Author: Jana Pye

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