Where is this in Darlington County?

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The photo from last week was of Winkie Wilkes Grocery taken on 401 near Sparrow Swamp in Lamar between Hartsville and Lamar. The adorable little old building has not been functioning as a store in quite some time, but plenty of readers remember it well. The owners lived across the street, and “if they didn’t have it, they would order it for you.”

The readers that guessed correctly were: Albert Simon, Jim Stone, Walt Goins, Suzanne Muldrow, Carol Reynolds, Becky Duke, Moses Bacote, and “Hoss” Watford.

Can you guess where in Darlington County this week’s photo was taken?

The gentleman pictured was “listening for whispers,” as he calls the pings on his metal detector from treasures buried deep below the soil.

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Larry has been using a metal detector to search for treasures since 1973, heard that this area in Darlington County was ripe with Civil War treasures. While he is in nearby Florence working as a contract engineer for SCDOT, he drives to Darlington County in the evenings to search.

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“It’s more fun than just sitting inside a hotel room.”

So far he has found a Palmetto button, a few musket balls used for cleaning out the barrel, and some coins.

Please send your guesses to: editor@newsandpress.net or call 843-393-3811. Good luck!

Author: Jana Pye

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