Trinity Collegiate’s Jeffords accepted at West Point


By Stephan Drew

If The United States Military Academy at West Point has its way, Drew Jeffords may soon be one of those swearing obedience to “Duty, Honor and Country”. Jeffords is an 18 year old senior at Trinity Collegiate School in Darlington who has been accepted by the prestigious 220-year-old military academy in New York.

The son of Tara and Jon Jeffords of Florence, Drew is an avid golfer and plans to continue the sport as he furthers his education. His father got him interested in golf when he was 5 years old and he has loved it ever since. He plans to play golf at West Point but has not committed yet. If he does attend the military academy, Drew explained that his freshman year would include introductory classes and, after that, he could choose his own major. He plans to study Business Administration, regardless of where he goes to college. He has concentrated on math studies while at Trinity, taking Algebra, Calculus and Statistics. Drew’s older sister also graduated from Trinity Collegiate and is now a senior at Wofford College. 

But, Jeffords is already a young man of some accomplishment. He is Co-Captain of the Golf team, an Honor Student, the Vice President of the Student Body and Vice President of Trinity’s Young Republicans Club. He also helped set up a Voter Registration drive and helped organize the Veterans Day program at Trinity Collegiate School. The man he chose as speaker for the Veterans Day program was Watti Snowden, a family friend, and former military man, who is also one of Jeffords’ influences. Snowden has served with U.S. Presidents, at various embassies, and is clearly an inspiration to the young man.  “He’s really proud of me,” Jeffords stated.

Drew explained how he began to consider West Point for his future education. “I was thinking about going to the Citadel just as a normal student and I was playing in a (golf) tournament this past summer. The West Point coach was there and he watched me a little bit. I talked with him afterward and we set up a time for me to go visit the campus,” he said, “Once I went up there and saw it, I thought, ‘This could be the place for me.’” Jeffords described his parents’ reaction. “My Mom is not too much a big fan of it but, my Dad likes the opportunity it is,” he said, “But, they told me it’s my decision. If I’m going to make it, it’s got to be my choice.” 

If he does attend the military academy, Drew explained what his freshman year would be like. “I’ll report at the end of June and go until August and, that’s like your basic training/boot camp period,” Jeffords said. 

He recalls how he learned of his acceptance. “Two nights ago, my golf coach (Chad Bagley) called me and told me I got in,” Jeffords beamed. When asked what the normal procedure is after West Point, he stated, “You serve 5 years in the military after graduation and then, I’ll see if I want a full military career.”

Drew, we wish you much success and happiness in whatever your chosen future may be.

Author: Stephan Drew

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