The grim power of being ‘Un-happy’

By Daniel Watson

Being miserable, unhappy or angry is like having an anchor around your neck. It weighs you down and sucks the very joy from your life. Feeling better is not always a matter of choice. Choosing happiness is just the first step on the journey to letting go of anger. One agonizing step after another trudging upon the path of feeling better is a commitment. As with most things in life it comes with a price. When we allow things to make us angry or unhappy, who is really paying the price? An elevated heart rate and high blood pressure don’t affect the person who is causing the anger, only the person who allows themselves to be angered. I can feel my heart racing, my blood pounding in my ears and feel my ears turning red as they heat up as the rage courses through me causing my face to flush. It’s not their heart, not their ears and not their face, but yours, that reacts, causing you to suffer, not the one who angered you or made you unhappy. You suffer, you hurt and you are diminished but they feel nothing. Sadly there are those who absolutely revel in causing anger and unhappiness in others. Climbing the mountain to get over feeling constantly angry or unhappy surely includes traveling through the valley of despair to the very foot of a mountain called misery. Sometimes, we need someone to hold our hand. Having people around us who choose to be happy helps so much. Letting go of the anger and the pain that created these feelings means everything. Happiness isn’t just a feeling it’s a job. It’s the best job you’ll ever have where the rewards are way beyond a simple paycheck. Choose happiness and choose not to let anger and unhappiness rule your life. It won’t give you money or possessions but it will give you peace of mind. You simply can’t put a price on that.

Author: Stephan Drew

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