Sequel to “UNSOLVED”



The question that readers of “UNSOLVED” are in for a treat; author M.B. Spears has alerted the News & Press that she is already working on a sequel.

“I’ve submitted to the printer what I intend to be the last edition of UNSOLVED, and you shall have it to sell immediately, as my first shipment has arrived.” said Spears.

“I have quite a few additional Pee Dee people to thank for generously sharing with me what they knew and heard about the victim and about one or more of the others who turned out to be involved,” she continues. “Some who thought they knew the more or less the whole story said that after reading the book, they had to read it again: there was so much to absorb. I had to same feeling the whole time I was writing and researching and finding more and more people who needed to say what they said.”

Beverley Spears

Beverley Spears

“Since I published UNSOLVED, a year has passed, and I’ve put more into each edition than I knew when I wrote the first one. Each edition of UNSOLVED is a little (sometimes a lot) more complete than the ones before – and maybe a bit better written. I’ve met people who remember so much, and who know just what that whole miscarriage of justice meant to the state and especially to Darlington County. I meet more of them each week, it seems.”

Be patient, readers…. the sequel is in the works!

Author: Jana Pye

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