School Board recognizes scholars and outstanding athletes

By Stephan Drew, Editor

The Darlington County School District (DCSD) board meeting on Monday, June 12, 2023, was a joyous occasion as outstanding athletes and scholars were recognized for their remarkable achievements. The meeting served as a platform to honor students who had excelled in both sports and academics, showcasing the district’s commitment to fostering excellence in all areas of education.

The meeting began with a celebration of the achievements of two exceptional student-athletes who earned spots on the South Carolina Coaches Association of Women’s Sports 2023 All-State Softball Teams. Myah Harvey, a talented athlete from Hartsville High School, secured a spot on the 2023 SCCAWS 4A Softball Team, while Alayna Williamson, also from Hartsville High School, earned a place on the 2023 SCCAWS 3A Softball Team. Their dedication and skill on the field were recognized and applauded by the board.

Continuing the streak of athletic accomplishments, three more DCSD student-athletes showcased their prowess by earning spots on the SCCAWS 2023 All-State Softball Teams. Katelyn Church and Alayna Williamson, representing Darlington High School, secured spots on the 3A North-South All-Star Football Team, while Caydon Thompson, hailing from Hartsville High School, made the 4A North-South All-Star Softball Team. The board took a moment to commend these student-athletes for their exceptional achievements in their respective sports.

The board meeting also acknowledged the outstanding academic accomplishments of several students. Fifteen DCSD seniors were recognized for pursuing the highest course of study available at their schools and completing the necessary courses and requirements to earn advanced degrees. Students from various programs within the district were celebrated for their achievements.

In the Early College Honors Program at Darlington High School, Madeline Barino earned an Associate of Science/Associate of Arts degree, Kansas Cassidy received an Associate of Arts degree, Clara Ham achieved an Associate of Science/Associate of Arts degree, Stefanie Stewart earned an Associate of Science/Associate of Arts degree, Amber Tallent accomplished an Associate of Science/Associate of Arts degree, and Carolina Watson obtained an Associate of Arts degree.

Additionally, Mareesa Garrett, Emily Herring, Chloe Jewell, Grace Perez, and Margarita Ricardo, participants in Hartsville High School’s International Baccalaureate Programme, were recognized for completing the necessary courses and earning advanced degrees.

Furthermore, four students from Mayo High School for Math, Science and Technology were honored for their accomplishments in the Governor’s School for Science and Math’s Accelerate Program.

The board also paid tribute to the exceptional academic achievement of nine students from the graduating class of 2023. These students were recognized for maintaining perfect A grades throughout their entire educational careers, spanning 12 years. From Hartsville High School, the distinguished students included Kathryn Bethea, Lily Calabrese, Ally Harless, and Mia Trader. From Mayo High School for Math, Science and Technology, the accomplished students were Shelby Copeland, Esther Coward, Hillary Garland, Triniti Henderson, and Hannah Jewel. The board commended these students for their unwavering commitment to academic excellence.

During the meeting, the board addressed two important matters. First, the First Reading of the Paid Parental Leave policy was presented. The policy aimed to provide school district staff with six weeks of paid leave if they needed to care for their child. In cases where both parents were employed by the school district, the primary caregiver would be eligible for six weeks of paid leave, while the other parent would receive two weeks.

Additionally, the Second Reading of the Proposed 2023-2024 School District Budget was conducted. The budget outlined a projected revenue of $117,830,000, highlighting the district’s commitment to effective financial planning.

Looking ahead, the Darlington County Board of Education Retreat was scheduled for Thursday, June 22, 2023, at Sonoco Products Company in Hartsville. The next regular meeting of the Darlington County School District Board of Education was set for July 10, 2023.

The DCSD board meeting on June 12, 2023, served as a platform to recognize the exceptional achievements of both athletes and scholars. By honoring these outstanding students, the district highlighted its dedication to providing a well-rounded education and nurturing excellence in all aspects of student life.

Author: Stephan Drew

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