Risk factors for breast cancer

What are the risk factors for breast cancer? Research has shown that these factors increase your risk of getting breast cancer. Female gender 55 or older Using hormone replacement therapy for menopause Using alcohol Being overweight or obese (especially after menopause) Lack of exercise Not breastfeeding Radiation treatments to breast during teens Treatment with DES Starting period before age 12 Starting menopause after age 55 Inherited genetic differences Family history of breast cancer, especially in a mother, sister or daughter Personal history of breast cancer in one breast Dense breast tissue Race (White women are slightly more likely to get breast cancer than African-American women. African-American women, though, are more likely to die of breast cancer.) Certain non-cancerous breast problems Cells that look like cancer cells but are not, in milk-making glands (a condition called Lobular carcinoma in situ) Not having children or having first child after age 30 Recent use of birth control pills or Depo Provera/DMPA shot.

Author: Stephan Drew

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