LETTER TO THE EDITOR: World wants you dead, God wants you alive

There is an old saying, “The world wants you dead but, God wants you alive.” That is so true. So, all we have to do is live in God to be strong and try to do the best we can with what we have. Don’t let people manipulate you or criticize the things you do because, they will make you feel like you don’t amount to anything.

You may decide to give up on life. You will no longer believe or have faith in God. That is not the way to think about it. If it hadn’t been for God, you wouldn’t even be alive today.

Therefore, it is up to us to know which way to go, without worrying what others think because, if you let them stress you out, you will be dead. Thank God that I’m still here and I thank Him for creating me to be the best I can be. I truly appreciate what God has in store for me so that I can try to help others, if they will accept it. It doesn’t matter what others say because I am what I am and no one can stop me from being what God made me to be. And, I am hoping and praying to God that everything will come to pass. I enjoy doing whatever I need to do to enhance my life and help others do the same. With God’s help, everything will be alright. He will make it so because I have faith and believe in Him. As I continue to trust in God and try to inspire others, He will see us through so we won’t be in that pickle barrel. God will never let you down. He will be there through thick and thin, if you’re willing to do the right thing, keep your head on straight and don’t let others make you think and feel like you are not worthy of living your life.

Never let anyone run your life because, they will ruin it for you. And, that is the way it is supposed to be. Just keep believing and have faith in God and He will work with you through the long run. Because God knows how he made you. Throughout the world, the Devil is trying to recreate you by constantly flashing his evil desires in your face, making it hard to resist. He wants to separate you from God’s purpose in your life so you will be left vulnerable to failure. Then, the Devil will leave you destroyed. God will never leave you. He is with you always. Believe on Him. Have faith in Him. Live your best life through our Heavenly Father, God Almighty.

Praying for all of us,

Ollie Ethel Dewitt

Darlington, SC

Author: Stephan Drew

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