LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The power of nice

There is nothing quite like the power of nice. If you are someone who works in the public or has contact with large numbers of people, this can be a powerful weapon. So yes, nice can be a weapon for positive change. Every day, unless we are very lucky or unless we live alone on a deserted island, we are presented with people who just aren’t nice. Unfortunately, mean people are everywhere we go and most thrive on making others as miserable as they are. The most likely issue mean people suffer from is their own unhappiness. So how does the power of nice work? It starts with positive thinking and a can-do attitude. If people’s major complaints about you include you are positive and have a can-do attitude, you are in good shape. These things are not easy to do all the time. There are times when you might feel like you are acting as your own dentist pulling your own teeth with no numbing agent and just to make it a little worse using rusty pliers. I know that prospect does not sound very appealing. However, nice is one of the most rewarding endeavors you can enter into. You choose to participate in an argument. You choose to hold a grudge. You choose to escalate an issue. If you choose to remain in that calm and happy state of mind you can do just that. It is not always easy to do but remember, you choose to allow someone to anger you; it’s a choice. Every time we allow it to happen we give those who do this power over us. So the next time someone tries to share their turmoil, don’t allow them to have that power. I have never conveyed the thought to anyone that things are always going to be perfect. Things are going to occur that sadden or anger you. There is nothing to be done about that; it is inevitable. It is called “LIFE.” What you can control is how you react to a situation and how you interact with someone. Every second we have is precious. Don’t waste yours on those who wish to make others as miserable as they choose to be. Use the Power of Nice; it will change your life for the better and maybe the lives of those around you as well.

Daniel L. Watson, Darlington

Author: Rachel Howell

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