LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mill Hill memories

A few weeks ago I attended a dedication of a monument to the Darlington Manufacturing Company, or as everyone referred to it, “The Cotton Mill.”  It brought back a lot of memories of all the people that worked there, especially members of my family.  So I wrote this about all of us older “kids” and the things we recall about growing up on the Mill Hill.


When my friends and I were growing up,

our parents worked in the cotton mill,

working all week, then Sunday at church,

living in a house near the cotton mill,

how I wish that we still lived on the old Mill Hill.

Behind our homes were fields and trees,

for running, climbing, shooting the breeze,

at cowboys and indians we were the best,

we all dreamed of the wild, wild west;

and I really miss those days on the old Mill Hill.

Our fathers and mothers worked hard and long,

but they taught us kids about right and wrong,

we didn’t have much, they did all they could,

and if we could all go back we would,

I wish that we were back on the old Mill Hill.

And we were kids again on the old Mill Hill.

Francis Parnell,

a kid from the Mill Hill

Darlington, SC

Author: Stephan Drew

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