Just For Women marking 20 years of ministry

Just For Women has begun its 20th year of ministry with its Spring Bible Study on March 29-30. The ministry began in 2000 when Betsy Bird of Darlington was burdened with the need for a Christian ministry for women in the Pee Dee to be taught the Word of God. Bird brought together 30 women to share the vision God had given her, and with their overwhelming response, Just For Women Ministries was formed. The ministry’s goal was to equip and establish women in the Word of God as they grow in a relationship with Jesus. From the beginning, Bird knew this ministry belonged to God and would continue, as long as He ordained it. She taught hundreds of women over the years and many, many lives were changed. Bird suffered a brain aneurysm in 2015 and was no longer able to continue teaching. Even while many felt this was the end of the ministry, God had already prepared a woman to take the ministry forward. A young woman had caught Bird’s attention —Kathy Griffin. Griffin says, “I am blessed to have worked alongside my mentor and dear friend. I was so blessed and honored to serve the Lord with her.” When the ministry’s Board of Directors approached Griffin, she fulfilled Bird’s desire for her to teach. The ministry did not miss a beat. Griffin became leader and Bible teacher bringing a new enthusiasm and energy to women as they continued to be established in the Word. God is always doing something new! As 2020 rolled around, Griffin felt the Lord calling her away as a teacher in the ministry. Again, God started another chapter of Just For Women. Through circumstances only God could have arranged, Yvonne Rhodes stepped forward and took the ministry in hand and began teaching in January 2021. Rhodes sat under Bird’s teaching many years ago, and she states, “It changed my life and gave me an unquenchable thirst for God’s Word.” Rhodes says, “What a blessing it has been to be a part of Just for Women Ministry! In January, I started teaching a series based on the book of Esther in the Old Testament. How exciting it has been to be in a room full of women who are thirsting for the Word of God! They come every week, listen attentively, and many take notes.” JFW’s purpose “is to equip and establish women in the word of God as they grow in relationship with Jesus.” Women attend on Mondays at 11 a.m. at Darlington Presbyterian Church and on Tuesdays at noon at First Presbyterian in Florence. JFW would like to reach as many women as possible in the Pee Dee. To help reach that goal, each lesson can be found at http://www.dpchopeingod.org in worship archives. Rhodes states, “Studying God’s word is vital, but I have found much more than that with these special ladies. Praying for each other and caring enough to keep in touch are top priority for JFW. I have made so many new friends and I feel loved. I hope more women will come and enjoy the fellowship, the beautiful music, and the opening and studying of God’s Word.” There is no pre-registration required, nor is there any cost to participate. Contact with the ministry may be made by e-mail, JFWministry@gmail.com, or telephone, 843-393-1086. At this time, they continue to ask women to wear a mask and adhere to social distancing while attending the study.

Author: Rachel Howell

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