GSSM hosts Mental Health 5K Run

Approximately 129 runners registered for the GSSM 5K Run on Saturday, February 25, 2023. The weather was cold and there was a misting rain but that didn’t deter the runners, seen here. PHOTO BY STEPHAN DREW

TOP MALE WINNERS — In the GSSM 5K Run on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023, the top 3 winners in the Overal Male Category were (left to right): Andrew Parker (3rd Place), Thomas Schnibben (1st Place) and Judson Greene (2nd Place – NOT PICTURED). PHOTO BY STEPHAN DREW

TOP FEMALE WINNERS — The top 3 females in the Overall Winners Category were: Ashley Niu (2nd Place), Arsani Tree (1st Place) and Amy Dempsey (3rd Place). PHOTO BY STEPHAN DREW

Research shows that one in five Americans will experience a mental health condition in any given year.  Mental illness is prevalent throughout our society and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it worse. Chances are that if you don’t have a mental illness, you know someone who does. It’s a disease that does not discriminate. It can affect anyone and it cannot be prevented. And yet — there is a ton of stigma around it.

Through various programs offered, the Mental Health Association hopes to educate others about running for mental health, raise mental health awareness, provide encouragement to others, and help people experiencing hardship get started in their running journey.

The Mental Health 5K is a run in Hartsville, SC that supports the Darlington County Mental Health Association.

At 9 a.m. on Saturday, February 25, 2023, runners took their marks to help end the stigma against mental health in Hartsville’s own Mental Health 5K put on by the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics. Runners embarked on a journey through scenic Hartsville with prizes being awarded to the top finishers. All proceeds from the run will be donated to support the Mental Health America of Darlington County as well as the Darlington County Mental Health Dance held every fall. With your help, they can help raise awareness for the support of mental health.

The race was facilitated by Fun Without Drugs (FWD) and Medicine Education and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere (MEDLIFE). Fun Without Drugs is a student organization designed to promote healthy, balanced lifestyles while reducing a student’s vulnerability to substance abuse. FWD sponsors student and community activities aimed at strengthening school pride, creating bonds among the student body, and creating a support system. FWD encourages activities including raising mental health awareness, empathy, social and emotional intelligence, and overall wellbeing. Medicine Education & Development for Low Income Families Everywhere is a non-profit organization working with Latin American and African partners in low-income communities to improve access to medicine and health and medical and health education. MEDLIFE on-campus chapters in schools across the US raise support and awareness and have the opportunity to participate in service-learning projects in communities where MEDLIFE has established partnerships. Each year FWD and MEDLIFE host the GSSM 5K for Mental Health race to raise awareness about mental health. with special needs.

Over 129 runners registered and took part in the race on Saturday, during a cold, misting rain. There were 15 different categories and the winners of each category are listed below:

TOP MALES OVERALL: (1st) Thomas Schnibben, (2nd) Judson Greene, (3rd) Andrew Parker.

TOP FEMALES OVERALL: (1st) Ilaisaane Tyree, (2nd) Ashley Niu, (3rd) Amy Dempsey.

10 & UNDER MALE: (1st) Joseph Dorsel, (2nd) Khalil Larry, (3rd) Paris Briggs.

10 & UNDER FEMALE: (1st) Ruby Hulon.

11-19 MALE: (1st) Jacob Geddings.

11-19 FEMALE: (1st) Kaighen Raison, (2nd) Bridget Dorsel, (3rd) Abby Gunter.

20-29 MALE: (1st) Alejandro Alcantar, (2nd) Andrew Pattengill, (3rd) Dimitri Leftis.

20-29 FEMALE: (1st) Brittany Leftis, (2nd) Traclynne Allison, (3rd) Elana Davis.

30-39 MALE: (1st) Christopher Tyree, (2nd) Jon Weiss Jr., (3rd) Joseph Hulon.

30-39 FEMALE: (1st) Jordan Pupa, (2nd) Allison Rogers, (3rd) Catherine Sostak.

40-49 MALE: (1st) Adam Gunter, (2nd) Chris Johnson, (3rd) Jackie Foxe.

40-49 FEMALE: (1st) Katie Smith, (2nd) Leslie Wilkes, (3rd) Jennifer Adams.

50-59 MALE: (1st) Danny Dorsel, (2nd) Todd Beasley, (3rd) Keith Larry.

50-59 FEMALE: (1st) Victoria Hall, (2nd) Cecily Lilly, (3rd) Stacey Kitchens.

60+ MALE: (1st) Robbie McLendon, (2nd) Terry Conder, (3rd) Bruce Hoffman.

60+ FEMALE: (1st) Nancy Birnbaum.

Author: Stephan Drew

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