From Mims Crossroads to Lamar

Story Courtesy of Town of Lamar

A very small community in the late 17th century into the 18th century, Lamar went by several names — Devil’s Woodyard, Mims Crossroads and later Lisbon.
In the 1850s, a major landmark and settling place for the town was on Capt. Mims’ plantation.
A new road leading from Newman Swamp Church to Cartersville was opened, meeting the older road at Mims’ plantation. The new intersection was named “Mims Crossroads.”
Shortly thereafter came a store, doctor’s office and postal office.
Dr. E.J. Mims, town physician and Capt. Mims’ son, operated a thriving medical practice along with his appointment as postmaster of the new “Lisbon Post Office.” The town began identifying as Lisbon in 1872.
After some time operating as Lisbon, the charter was repealed and the name Lamar was suggested. The Town of Lamar was granted a charter by the state of South Carolina on Dec. 24, 1890.
As more business opened in town, the population began to grow, leading to new homes, stores and schools. The interstate rail network that ran through town created opportunity.
In 1912, the first bank opened with a capital stock of $20,000. Unfortunately, it failed in 1928. The Lamar National Bank restored sign hangs at the Historical Commission in Darlington.
The early 1920s brought waterworks, greatly welcomed, but also came the economic struggles stemming from the two World Wars and the Great Depression. The railways were removed, yet the town still advanced at a quick pace. In the 1950s and 1960s, a tobacco market was introduced, along with new schools, paved roads, street lights and the town’s first fire truck.
Today, Lamar is still a thriving little town, looking to the future.
The town is now anchored by a wide and straight Main Street bisected by cross streets that extend in a grid pattern of streets and sidewalks East and West. Main Street is easily accessible to the entire community making Lamar a very pedestrian-friendly community.
Most residents can easily walk to pick up staples at Main Street’s grocery store, visit several retail merchants for necessities, mail a letter at the post office, pop in the local bank and dine with friends at the locally owned restaurants.
Lamar schools are part of the Darlington County School District, receiving top ratings in education and athletics.
Lamar now has a Family Care Center in town, accepting patients for general healthcare and screenings.

Author: Stephan Drew

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