Dance teams for 2016 Dancing with the Stars of Darlington County

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The 2016 Dancing with the Stars of Darlington County dance teams have been selected. The dance teams will compete for People’s Choice as well as judging from a team of select judges for the 1, 2 and 3rd place winners.

This year’s teams are:

Sandi Brown (Celebrity) & Gary DeSantis (Pro)
• Lauren Corry (Celebrity) & Eric Snyder (Pro)
• Pastor Fran Elrod (Celebrity) & Brian Youngblood (Pro)
• Lyles Huntley (Celebrity) & Lukas Glenn (Pro)
• Melissa Johnson (Celebrity) & Dan Askins III (Pro)
• Lynn Shillinglaw (Celebrity) & Caleb Roberts (Pro)
• Barry Brown (Celebrity) & Sarah Floyd (Pro)
• Dr. Jamie Harvey (Celebrity) & Ariadne Roberts (Pro)
• Mark Lewallen (Celebrity) & Jaime Cranford (Pro)
• Jay Lucas (Celebrity) & Shelia Schmotzer (Pro)
• Shawn Patch (Celebrity) & Terrie Reames (Pro)
• Edward James George “Spider”(Celebrity) & SaVannah Britt (Pro)
• Dr. Kenzo Tochiki (Celebrity) & Alyssa Hicks (Pro)
• Leo Windham (Celebrity) & Michaela Mixon (Pro)

Dance styles will be Old Hollywood, 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s:
• Waltz with Swing
• Tango
• Rumba
• Lindy Hop
• Jive
• Charleston
• Boogie Woogie

Save the date for Thursday, January 28 2016 for the performance at the Center Theater in Hartsville…and prepare now to get all “dolled up” – as the audience is invited to attend in true vintage Hollywood attire!

All proceeds benefit the Pee Dee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Assault. 1.800.273.1820

Local offices: Hartsville – 843.383.0240 460 W Carolina Ave, Hartsville, SC

Durant Children’s Center Satellite Centers:
Hartsville – 843.332.9299 501 W Carolina Ave, Hartsville, SC
Florence – 843.664.4357226 S Irby, Florence, SC

Author: Jana Pye

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