Courthouse Penny Sales Tax Referendum

This Local Question labeled “County Capital Project Sales Tax” will be on the second page of Darlington County ballots for the Nov. 6 general election:

Must a special one percent sales and use tax be imposed in Darlington County for not to exceed 4 years to raise $20,000,000.00 for the acquisition (including, if necessary, the acquisition of real property), constructing, furnishing, and equipping a new Darlington County Judicial Center and Darlington County Administration Building, either as a single facility or two facilities, and either by new construction in whole or in part, or renovation of existing facilities in whole or in part?

And must Darlington County Council be authorized to issue not exceeding $20,000,000.00 principal amount of general obligation bonds of Darlington County, provided that the proceeds of such bonds shall be applied to defray the costs of the foregoing purposes, plus issuance costs, and provided further that in the event the sales and use tax to be imposed as stated herein is inadequate for the payment of such bonds, such bonds shall be payable from an ad valorem tax imposed on all taxable property in Darlington County?”

Voters can respond “Yes” or “No”

Author: Samantha Lyles

Staff writer for Darlington News and Press

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