Coker unveils five-year growth plan

Following last month’s announcement of $5 million in funding toward a $10 million plan targeting programmatic innovations and facility improvements, Coker University has unveiled a comprehensive five-year strategic plan that will guide efforts to meet the needs of current students while preparing the institution for the expectations of future generations. “Coker University is focused on its future,” noted Coker University President Natalie J. Harder. “We are committed to prioritizing those actions and investments that are most relevant for our current and future students, while providing Coker alumni, faculty, and staff with even stronger paths for success. This plan is our blueprint for continued success in the coming years.” The product of comprehensive planning and discussion in the Coker community over the past several months, the five-year plan was built entirely by a committee composed of faculty and staff and focuses on four key elements: 1) student success; 2) work environment and culture; 3) vibrant communities; and 4) financial health. Specific goals include action items such as: Connecting Coker students to the workforce by preparing students with a robust skill set aligned to market needs; Fostering an equitable work environment and recruiting, developing, recognizing, and retaining employees by focusing on a diversity of people, experiences and thought; Attracting investments to bring good jobs to the community that benefit students in college and beyond; and Growing the Coker Endowment and revenue streams through capital investments, public/private partnerships, and extensive opportunities for innovation and outreach. As a demonstration of its full commitment to transparency and accountability, Coker University has made the full strategic plan available to the community at large. The strategic plan, including its goals and metrics, is available on the Coker website and can be found at:

Author: Stephan Drew

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