Coker Esports drops two Overwatch matches on Sunday

The Coker Overwatch team played against Union County College and Missouri Valley College in week seven of the Tespa Preseason.

The first match against Union County started on Busan and the teams traded rounds back and forth, but Union was able to get the third round to win the map.

The second map was King’s Row and Union was able to push it to the end of the map with a few minutes to spare. Coker was unable to do the same, so Union would win the match 2-0. The second match against Missouri Valley College also started on Busan and Coker was able to get the first round.

The next two rounds were close but went to MVC who won the first map. The second map was again King’s Row and Coker was able to push the payload up to the final point but wasn’t able to get the last few meters. Coker was then able to hold MVC for the majority of their timebank, but MVC was able to push through with less than a minute left to win the match 2-0.

These two losses put Coker at 7-5 for the preseason, and they will return for week eight next Sunday at 8 p.m.

Author: Rachel Howell

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