Coker esports defeats Central Michigan, splits Overwatch matches

The Coker College esports team faced off against Central Michigan University (CMU) and University of Central Florida (UCF) in week seven of the Tespa Overwatch Preseason Sunday (Nov. 4) night.

Coker started off against CMU and entered the fight strong, speedrunning through Junkertown by capping all three points and denying CMU to get the first. The next map, Blizzard World, was a little closer. Coker started attacking and was able to cap all three points with a little under two minutes to go. CMU didn’t give up without a fight though, as they were able to cap all three points for the entire duration of the match. This allowed Coker one last shot to win the map and they capitalized to win the map 2-0.

Next was a rematch against UCF. Back in week one, Coker faced off against the UCF B team where they won 2-0. Before the Tespa Preseason started, Coker faced off against the main UCF team in another tournament where UCF earned the victory.

The first map was Ilios and UCF came out swinging. They captured the first two rounds only allowing Coker to get to 63% and 20%. Next up was Volskaya Industries and UCF capped the first two points quickly, leaving six minutes left on their clock. Coker wouldn’t give up though as they were also able to earn all three points with a little less than two minutes.
UCF buckled down and stopped Coker on the first point of the extra round, leaving Coker in a tight spot. They were now forced to hold the first spot for over six minutes. While they fought valiantly, UCF was able to avenge their B team and beat the Cobras 2-0.

The Cobras will advance to week eight with a 10-4 record. Coker will be back in action on Sunday (Nov. 11) at 8PM.

Author: Duane Childers

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