Friends and family help “Bubba” Hanniford celebrate 91st birthday

“Bubba” Hanniford sits on the porch, greeting those who came to wish him happy birthday. PHOTO BY DAWSON JORDAN

“Bubba” and his family were able to talk without too much distance or difficulty. PHOTO BY DAWSON JORDAN

Friends, family & other well-wishers came by in all types of vehicles to wish “Bubba” a happy birthday. PHOTO BY DAWSON JORDAN

By Dawson Jordan

The News & Press

On Wednesday, March 10th, the Darlington community hosted a drive-by birthday celebration for “Bubba” Hanniford, who celebrated his 91st birthday. Bubba worked in the auto repair business and was an active member in the Darlington community. The group, organized by Mayor Curtis Boyd, gathered at Joe’s Grill wednesday afternoon, and convoyed to Wilson Senior Care, where Bubba and his family were waiting. Bubba sat outside and a safe distance from his family and his friends who drove by wish him a happy birthday. There was a large mix of vintage cars, sportscars, and trucks who all drove through with greetings, signs and gifts for Bubba. After the convoy left, bubba was escorted back inside by Wilson Senior Care employees and was able to catch up with his loved ones safely from the closed door by radio.

Author: Stephan Drew

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