Wallace to Boyd as he retires after 50 years in DCSD: ‘You have been a joy’

By Melissa Rollins, Editor, editor@newsandpress.net

Peter Strople said that a ‘Legacy is not leaving something for people. It’s leaving something in people.’ Judging by the crowd gathered to wish Dr. Willie E. Boyd well in his retirement, it is clear that he leaves a legacy behind in the Darlington County School District. After serving for half a century, Boyd retired at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

During the reception at Mayo High School June 13, several board members and local officials spoke about the impact that Boyd made during his tenure.

School board member Maureen Thomas presented Boyd with a plaque recognizing and thanking him for his service.

“He had made an impact on the community and the school district of Darlington County,” Thomas said. “We won’t know how many people have been inspired, mentored, taught or use him as an example. We just know that that imprint is still here.”

Board member Connell Delaine gave Boyd the medal that he received when he retired from the military. He also gave Boyd’s wife Pat a commemorative coin given to military spouses.

New DCSD Superintendent Tim Newman spoke about the vast knowledge Boyd has acquired over the years he has been part of the school district before thanking him for his mentorship during the transition to Newman’s leadership.

“Rarely do you get the chance to work with someone with the experience that Dr. Boyd has,” Newman said. “The transition, for me, to the school district has been incredible because of Dr. Boyd. It is not just from the standpoint that it is his job but, as you all have known for a long time, he has that servant heart and he has students first and foremost in his mind. When he’s talking to me about transitioning to a job, he’s talking to me about kids. You can tell that with all of the ceremonies that we’ve been to and all the graduations that we’ve been part of: he has a genuine care for these students.”

Legislators Jay Lucas, Robert Williams and Gerald Malloy wished Boyd well, with the two representatives presenting Boyd a piece of legislation that cements his legacy in South Carolina history.

“What Robert (Williams) is holding in his hands is a piece of legislation that we passed in Columbia; a lot of people don’t think we ever do that,” Lucas joked. “Every now and then we pass legislation to contemplate South Carolinians who have not only gone above and beyond but who have made a difference with children and people in the state of South Carolina. What we wanted to do was encapsulate your life in this resolution so that 200 years from now when somebody wants to know who Dr. Bill Boyd was, they can go back and read the history of an extraordinary man…Its an honor that we can give this to you, Bill. At the end of the day it talks about the admiration that the citizens of South Carolina, and especially Darlington County, have for you and your service.”

Gloria Hines, the Mayor of Darlington, and the city council issued a proclamation naming June 13, 2018 at Dr. Willie ‘Bill’ Boyd Sr. day. She also presented him a key to the city.

Mayo Principal Arlene Wallace closed the program.

“It is fitting that you started your career in Darlington County School District here at Mayo and you will close it out here tonight at Mayo,” Wallace said. “It has been a pleasure, a pleasure, working with you. I always said that when I grew up, I wanted to be just like you. You have been a bridge, especially this year, for our district. Everyone has said such great things about you and it is because you have such a calm demeanor that we’ve flourished under your leadership; all of us here have been touched by you. We’ve called you late at night to help us and get us out of trouble. Or there was a situation that we didn’t know how to work out and you have guided us. We appreciate your service. You have been a joy. You have been a staple in this district keeping us as one and we are going to miss you.”

Author: Rachel Howell

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