“United We Stand”

By Bill Shepard

“United we stand!” I would wager that most readers could add the rest of the statement but just in case, I’ll do it…. “Divided we fall!” Take heed, the saying holds true and has been proven over and over again. There is strength in unity and many are the illustrations I could give to prove the point.

Everyone who watches TV and reads the newspaper knows that our beloved America is in a “divided mess!” The “goings on” in Washington are shameful! Our government, those we elected to do the “people’s business” are more divided on every issue than this writer has ever known! I admit there is a lot about government that I do not know. When Civics and History were being taught at St. John’s High in Darlington I was playing” hookey” and hiding out along the muddy banks of Swift Creek. I am sorry about that, however, a person would have to be blind and deaf not to know our government in Washington is in disarray! I believe I share the feelings of many when I say that it is long past time for our elected officials to put aside their personal feelings and do the work they were elected to do! After all, that is what they promised when they were seeking our vote! The election is long over, let history judge the right or wrong about the winners and losers, and it will! Mr. Trump was elected President “by the people”, a process that has long been a tried method. Are we to spend another four years questioning if he had help from the Russians? And after spending time, and no one knows how many more billions of dollars, if we learn the Russians were involved, what will we do about it? It would seem to this writer there are more needy problems at hand!

Too much time and effort were spent in the back and forth bickering between two political parties during the Obama administration. There was little that could be done because of the gridlock, lack of cooperation between the two groups. The Republicans said, “Give us a majority in the Senate and we will move the nation forward.” That request was granted, but little, if anything changed! “Give us the White House” was their next request and that also was granted, but there is gridlock and now the Republican Party is divided among itself! When will enough of their kind of government be enough? How long? How long? Can the nation survive under such conditions? And why should it have to? Is there no healing for the sore that is eating at the very foundation of our beloved America?

I have lived through some of our most distressful time in America. I remember the years of the Great Depression and the resolve of our government to guide the nation through that turbulent time. I recall the various work programs that were put into place to ward off starvation. The famous “fireside chats” by our President lent encouragement to the people. A united effort by the government and the people brought victory. We won!

Then came World War 2! I witnessed the strength of unity during those harsh years and it was a beautiful thing to observe. Again, unity showed its strength, we won! It might have been one of America’s finest and greatest moments! As never before nor since, America was on display, and she gained the respect of the world. Not only that of her friends, but of her enemies also! It was a great time in America’

I am afraid that our image around the globe has been tarnished. Historians will record the damage done…..what will they write?

Am I being too hard on our elected leaders? I don’t think so! When those we elect to serve in government call each other names like liars, cheaters, crooks, and traitors, they have reached a low level!

My TV has been on since 1 started writing this article and for hours the argument has been about who lied about what! Have we lost respect for the highest office in the land? Remember! The world is watching and listening! It is time for a change for the better, and we should!

Remember the words…..”United we stand, divided we fall”!

Mr. Shepard is a native of Darlington, S.C., and a current resident of Piedmont, S.C. He is the author of “Mill Town Boy” and “Bruised”. He has been sharing his tales of growing up in Darlington for decades. His mailing address for cards and letters is: Bill Shepard 324 Sunny Lane, Piedmont, S.C. 29673.

Author: Duane Childers

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