Sonoco recognized as Centennial Business

By Melissa Rollins, Editor,

Sonoco has grown and prospered in Hartsville for over a century. The product coming off their lines has changed over the years but the desire to build a company on principals that mattered never did. On Tuesday, Secretary of State Mark Hammond visited the Hartsville headquarters of the billion-dollar company to celebrate the longevity and success of the homegrown business.

“I am glad to be here and I am very glad that Sonoco is here,” Hammond said. “This is a very special day for the Secretary of State’s Office, for the state of South Carolina and, I think, a very special day for Sonoco.”

Hammond said that he and Jack Sanders, Sonoco President and CEO were talking about the strides South Carolina is taking in the business industry.

“I was telling Jack earlier today that South Carolina is doing pretty well right now,” Hammond said. “Chief Executive Magazine has ranked South Carolina the fourth best state to do business in. Also, the Boyd Company has ranked South Carolina as the number one state for manufacturing; we are very excited about that.”

South Carolina is showing that U.S. manufacturing is making a comeback.

“I used to travel some with Governor Nikki Haley and I always enjoyed her saying that here in South Carolina we make things again,” Hammond said. “I know tourism is still our number one industry but we are making tires, packaging material and we are really excited about all the companies that are coming to South Carolina, that are expanding in South Carolina.”

Hammond said that while new companies are locating in the state, he thinks those who have created the foundation for those opportunities need to be recognized.

“It is nice to celebrate these companies that are expanding and coming to South Carolina but I think that we need to step back and I think we need to recognize companies who are incorporated in the Secretary of State’s office for 100 or more years,” Hammond said. “Sonoco is one of those great businesses. They got started here in Hartsville in 1899. I am really honored that I can go out and thank you for your longevity; thank you for all that you have brought to Hartsville, to this state and now internationally.”

Author: mrollins

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