Sheriff’s K9 bites victim during call

On December 9, a Darlington County Sheriff’s K-9 unit was dispatched to Kingston Dr. in the McBee area of Darlington County to assist with the search of a burglary suspect. As the Deputy attempted to exit his vehicle, the K-9 assigned to him was able to unintentionally exit the vehicle. The Deputy attempted to re-kennel the K-9 as individuals began to approach the Deputy and the K-9. The K-9 viewed the individuals approaching and ran in their direction. The Deputy ordered everyone to stop in place. The K-9 ran past several individuals who stopped running. The victim continued to run and was bitten by the K-9. The Deputy was able to physically restrain the K-9 and re-kennel the K-9.

The incident remains under review and the K-9 was removed from active duty on December 9 until an evaluation by an independent outside agency can be conducted. All patrol vehicles equipped for the transportation of K-9s have been inspected by an independent outside agency. The K-9 is a trained apprehension K-9 and has apprehended noncompliant suspects in the past during the course of its duties. An incident of this nature has not occurred with this K-9 to the knowledge of the current administration.

Author: mrollins

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