Rooves replaced on three Town of Society Hill properties

By Melissa Rollins, Editor,

A fresh coat of paint makes everything look better and a new roof saves a lot of headache down the road. As the Society Hill Town Council and town citizens learned Sept. 12, the town was recently the recipient of both.

During last month’s meeting, council voted to approve a bid from Rosser Construction to replace the rooves on three town properties: Town Hall, the fire department and a picnic shed adjoining the town playground.
Mayor Tommy Bradshaw gave an update on the work.

“As you can see in the expenditures, we paid Rosser Construction for the initial work that we contracted them for,” Bradshaw said. “That’s what brought the cash down but of course it’s all budgeted. The police expenditures, the radios, the chief told us last month about getting the radios scanned and updated, that was approximately, $1,600…But everything we’re doing is within budget, of course, which we have to do.”

Bradshaw explained everything that Rosser was awarded a bid for.

“For those of you who don’t know, we got a new roof here, a new roof on the fire department, as well as a new roof on the picnic shed,” Bradshaw said.

“On the picnic shed area, we took down all of the plywood, it looked terrible, and replaced it. We’ve got proper ventilation and all that now, new gutters, new fascia and soffit around the whole building. I’ve gotten a lot of comments and I think it really looks nice. One thing we failed to do when we were making the bid packets, we didn’t think about painting. When you put on the new fascia and soffit around these buildings you don’t realize everything shows up, like the paint on your windows and doors, and it looks bad.”

While the company was already working, the town added on a few additional work items.

“The bid was $35,000 and we budgeted $40,000 for all of this so while he was here, already mobilized, we made the painting an add-on along with the black shutters he put up,” Bradshaw said. “Everything we are doing, it is not a want, it is a need. We needed new rooves. This is the same roof that came on this building in 1986, I think. That one (on the fire department) was not quite as old and that one (on the picnic shed) was in bad shape. These are all things that are needing to be done and needing to be done now.”

The add-ons increased the cost of the project by a little over $3,000 but still came in under the $40,000 council had budgeted for the work.

In old business, Bradshaw informed council that SCDOT crews had until the end of September to return to Society Hill and clean up the debris from the recent roadwork there. He said that while he is not pleased with the length of time between the work and the clean up he said there isn’t anything that the town can do.

Author: Duane Childers

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