Make moped operators buy insurance

I read with great interest the front-page article “New Moped Laws Close Loophole” (Nov. 28).

For some time now, I have been very concerned with the number of mopeds on our roads and the dangers they present to our community.

I do appreciate the S.C. Legislature closing some of the loopholes that have been used to operate these vehicles in the past.

However, I was greatly disappointed to read that these vehicles require no insurance and that the owners pay no property taxes. This is outrageous to we who are required to have liability insurance and also pay property taxes on our vehicles.

If a moped operator causes an accident involving my wife and I, he pays nothing to repair or replace my property or to pay for our possible injuries.

But as I understand the present law, I must pay for his damages and his possible injuries.

Rev. Leroy Lowery,

Author: Rachel Howell

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