Letters to the Editor – May 16, 2018

From Farmer to Consumer,

This is what I have seen over the years to do with NAFTA and trade with China or any other communist country.

Some years ago, I married a girl from Anderson so many trips across South Carolina followed. As we traveled through the state, I noticed just about every little town had a textile mill. Businesses were doing well, people had new or nice homes, new cars, church parking lots were full on Sunday, etc. Then the NAFTA debate started.

Hollings was the democratic senator; Thurmond was the republican senator. Hollings voted for the bill and Thurmond voted against the bill. It was a very close vote and the bill passed. Many people did not know what this bill meant. We were told it was so companies could hire cheap labor. We were told that some companies or part of some companies would move to Mexico. We were not told that every company could leave for cheap labor in Mexico and then slave labor in China. Nothing was ever said about something called the corporate tax rate.

What NAFTA did was to fix it so corporate America could leave, and they left, and they left right up to Trump signing the new tax bill that lowered the corporate tax rate, so America could compete with the rest of the world.

When we travel through these small towns now we see closed or torn down textile mills with nothing built in its places but weeds and piles of bricks. Run down homes, boarded up buildings, no new nothing. If you ride through at night, the only thing is night spots and a few sandwich and burger eating places.

The NAFTA should read the NAFA-North American Free Agreement—because there ain’t NO trade.

It’s just like—“You take what we made, and we’ll send you more.”
Changing gears for just a minute. Do you remember when Insane Obama issued what they called the sequester cuts? I was told the Navy was sort of ready for that in that they had to dock a couple of battle fleets because they did not have the money to service these ships. The US got behind in a big way, as did the Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, etc. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and it takes a tremendous amount of $$$$ to do that.

Johnny Ross
Society Hill

Author: Rachel Howell

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