Letters to the Editor – June 13, 2018

Library Branch Manager was a positive leader with exciting ideas

Recently I dropped by the library to give the branch manager, Mrs. Gwen Robinson, an update on the health of one of the members of the band I’m in. We’re scheduled to play at the library and talk about the history of Bluegrass music.

After asking could I speak to her, I was told that she was no longer with the library. What? Why? That surprising news made no sense to me; it still doesn’t. Still don’t have an answer. I’ve known Gwen Robinson since 2006. We met when she worked at the Society Hill Library, and I’ve always found her to be a really nice person, dedicated to her work, and a valuable asset to the Darlington County Library system.

After she became the Darlington branch manager, many positive and exciting changes happened. The library now has more educational and fun things going on – and not just for the kids, but for adults too!

So to just quit, to walk away from a job that she loved and was really good at without giving anyone a logical reason, doesn’t sound like something Gwen would do.
As a member of Friends of the Library, let me encourage the other members, and patrons that know Mrs. Robinson, to speak up and let it be known that we would like to see her back at her job doing what she does better than anyone else.

Francis Parnell
Darlington, SC

Author: Rachel Howell

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