Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

In today’s world of bickering, arguing, political attacks, political correctness and finger-pointing, I was thrilled to read your story about Eaddy Brown and the Belk Family. Mr. Brown was lucky to make his connection to the Belk Family back in the 1960’s. The Belk Family was very lucky to make its connection with Eaddy Brown! From the late Mr. Marion and Mrs. Frankie, through Sidney, his sons Curry and Jaby, Curry’s wife Tiffany and Sydney, including Hamer Parnell and Will Peavey, Eaddy Brown has had a large impact on the family and staff at Belk Funeral Home. He continues to have quite the impact on them today!
What a wonderful story! God bless all of them!

Charles Saverance

Author: Rachel Howell

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