Juncture Mobile Theatre Lab to present The Birds at the Back Swamp School House


Juncture Mobile Theatre Lab is in Darlington rehearsing for the company’s debut production of The Birds by Aristophanes.

Juncture Lab’s cast and creative team have flown in from around the country to join Lillian White in her hometown. “Growing up in Darlington, I was inspired by the area’s natural beauty, the generosity of the Back Swamp community, and the shared appreciation for a good story,” says the Co-Founder of Juncture Mobile Theatre Lab and Co-Director of The Birds. “Returning to Darlington to perform The Birds with friends from afar and down the road is an amazing opportunity to explore this zany story of two buddies in pursuit of an unencumbered life and just how far their flights of fancy take them.”

Written over 2,500 years ago, The Birds has a surprisingly relatable plot. When these two pals come upon the birds, they are intoxicated by the opportunity to control the air between man and the gods from a bird’s eye view. The power trip that plays out as they name the city, establish borders, and hear out hopeful migrants echoes the political battles we hear about on our nightly newscasts.

With a cast and creative team comprised solely of women, Juncture Lab’s modern adaptation of The Birds seeks to reclaim this ancient Greek comedy to discover what the story can teach us today.

While the team hails from Texas, Massachusetts, Maine, Washington, and New York City, they have already picked up on the area’s local talent. Lucy Dargan, an active member of the Back Swamp community and actress in her own right, is slated to perform as Iris, the rainbow goddess who offers these newcomers sage warning against their schemes.

Not only has the community been involved in the production, but they’ve also invited the company into their social circles, offering hors d’oeuvre, oyster roasts, wing nights, and more.

“It’s so exciting be in a new place and to feel immediately welcomed by the community,” says Teresa Cruz, Co-Founder of Juncture Mobile Theatre Lab and Co-Director of The Birds. “I feel so lucky to be in Lillian’s hometown with actors and designers where we feel so supported to play and explore this great story.”

The Birds will have two public performances on April 21 at 7:30 and April 22 at 4:00, 2018, at the Back Swamp Schoolhouse. The performances are free to the public and suitable for audiences of all ages.

For more information, please email juncturelab@gmail.com.

About Juncture Mobile Theatre Lab
Founded in 2017, Juncture Mobile Theatre Lab is committed to place-based theatre that engages classical texts in community-inclusive settings. Juncture Lab’s artists reside across the country and join together in cities and towns that have personal connections to our members. We take on traditional stories that have been in the Western canon for ages in the places that have raised us to explore our roots and see a new way forward.

Author: mrollins

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