Hartsville High Board Scholars and Honor Graduates

The News and Press sat down with some of the top graduating seniors in Darlington County to talk about their plans for college and their career. Not all students were available.

Aisia Addison
School: College of Charleston
Major: Exercise Science
Wants to become an occupational therapist
Advice for Incoming Freshman: Be on your work. Stay positive. The IB Program is perfect if you want to be challenged in
your classes. It is easy to get overwhelmed but just stay on top of everything.
Favorite Memory of High School: Prom and homecoming. It was very fun; that was the highlight.

JaDira Fields
School: South Carolina State University
Major: Music Education
Wants to be a middle school music teacher
Advice for Incoming Freshman: Always push yourself. Don’t lose your drive.
Favorite Memory of High School: Doing the school musicals, especially Little Shop of Horrors.

SaraAnna Goff
School: Clemson Bridge Program
Major: Education
Wants to be an Early Childhood teacher
Advice for Incoming Freshman: Enjoy the years you have here and make it all worth it.
Favorite Memory of High School: I am a cheerleader so I get to go to the elementary school pep rallies. Those are my favorite memories.

Connor Hughes
Enlisted in the Navy
It is something that I’ve wanted to do for the majority of my life. The opportunity came and I took it. No one in
my immediate family is in the military but I had a grandfather who served in the Navy. Will be working as an Intelligence Specialist.
Advice for Incoming Freshman: Do your work. Be on time. Get involved but don’t stress out about everything you do in high school because most of it doesn’t help you afterwards.
Favorite Memory of High School: Doing band and all the people that I’ve met through that.

Mia Kilpatrick
School: Wofford
Major: International Affairs
Advice for Incoming Freshman: Get some good rain boots because it floods when it rains.
Favorite Memory of High School: Doing Willy Wonka; it was my first time doing the musical.

Jordyn McComber
School: USC-Columbia
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Might want to do something with robotics
Advice for Incoming
Freshman: Push yourself to an extent but don’t take on something you’re not sure you can do.

Rachael McIntosh
School: USC-Columbia
Major: Visual Communications
Wants to eventually be Head of Communications for a company
Advice for Incoming Freshman: Don’t skip sporting events; support the school. Be respectful and make friends with not just the students around you but also the teachers and the custodians. It makes a big difference to treat people like people.
Favorite Memory of High School: Receiving the Hart Award. When I was nominated I didn’t even know the award existed. Our assistant principal recommended me for that and I’m really thankful for that.

Rachel Moan
School: Winthrop
Major: Computer Science
Advice for Incoming Freshman: Don’t worry about your schoolwork. Don’t take IB if you can help it. Take AP Calculus. That was good.
Favorite Memory of High School: Doing the musical. Little Shop of Horrors was my favorite and then the Wizard of Oz.

Taylor Moore
School: Clemson
Major: Health Science
Advice for Incoming Freshman: Take IB classes
Favorite Memory of High School: Football games
Abraham Santana School: University of Southern California
Major: Mechanical
Engineering. Might double major in cinema arts.
Advice for Incoming
Freshman: Bring salt and pepper packets to lunch. The ones from Wendy’s are perfect.
Favorite Memory of High School: The fact that the ceilings are leaking in every building.

Caroline Surrett
School: Duke University
Major: Public Policy
Interested in going into law
Advice for Incoming Freshman: Learn time management early
Favorite Memory of High School: Being the fox at the homecoming game. That was a lot of fun.

Bayley Tripp
School: Clemson
Major: Packaging Science
Advice for Incoming Freshman: Get involved in as many clubs and activities as you can.
Favorite Memory of High
School: Last year my friend and I were the social chairs for the Anchor Club so we got to do our Lucky Dance that we do every year. It was nice being able to put that all together and seeing it all come together for the students.

Tatum Warr
School: Lander University (She will be playing golf there)
Major: Nursing
Plans to go to graduate school and become a nurse practitioner
Advice for Incoming Freshman: Go to the sporting events. Just because you think its lame or your friends aren’t going, you should still go. It will be fun. Support your school.
Favorite Memory of High School: This past year, our girl’s golf team broke the school record for the best score in a state round. We ended up placing third.

Board of Education Scholars
o Neal Barfield
o Jordan Beasley
o Mary Bishop-Tucker
o Mary Cottingham
o Warner Grantham
o Catherine Henderson
o Jordyn Jefferson
o Nathen Johnson
o Mikayla King
o Whitney Kirkley
o Edwin Matthews
o Jordyn McComber
o Rachael McIntosh
o Rachel Moan
o Taylor Moore
o Elizabeth Ropp
o Abraham Santana
o Elizabeth Stroud
o Ryan Sturgill
o Caroline Surrett
o Alexander West

Honor Graduates
o Aisia Addison
o Cassie Carpenter
o JaDira Fields
o Savannah Gainey
o SaraAnna Goff
o Taylor Hendrix
o Annabelle Holt
o Connor Hughes
o Mia Kilpatrick
o Copeland Lewis
o Monica Saxton
o Archie Torain
o Bailey Tripp
o Tatum Warr

Author: Rachel Howell

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