First Baptist Vacation Bible School explores outer space

By Melissa Rollins,

Around a hundred kids gathered last week for an out of this world experience at First Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School.

First Baptist VBS 2017

Children’s Director Thelma O’Neal said that each year the church uses VBS as an outreach to the community.
“We have a big family night Thursday,” O’Neal said. “We have hotdogs and water slides. We invite the families to come in and see our church if they haven’t.”

O’Neal said that the church has several dozen kids in their children’s ministry but that a majority of the kids in their VBS do not attend church there.

“I think we counted that 30 of this kids were our kids one of the nights so most of them aren’t our kids,” O’Neal said.

Every year VBS has a theme. This year it was Galaxy Starveyors.

“It is about how God created us all and we are all different,” O’Neal said. “One day we talked about how sin messed everything up and then the next day we talked about how God fixed that sin. Our motto is that we are searching for the visible and discovering the invisible.”

During VBS, kids take part in a variety of activities including art, music and Bible lessons, all with a common thread of outer space exploration and God’s love.

“Our skits are about two girls who are discovering outer space,” O’Neal said. “One of them is a Christian and one of them is not. They are talking about the stars and how can you not believe in God when you are looking up at the stars.”

With such a large group of kids, it takes a lot of volunteers to make everything run smoothly.
“We have around 35 teenagers who are helping us,” O’Neal said. “With everyone in the kitchen and everything, we have about 45 volunteers total.”

Even Senior Pastor Brian Sherwood is getting in on the VBS fun.

“This year our pastor is teaching a class about missionaries overseas,” O’Neal said.

Thursday everyone gathered on the front steps of the church for a group photo.

First Baptist VBS 2017

Author: mrollins

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