Dorian’s legacy: More sinkholes in Darlington

By Samantha Lyles, Staff Writer,

Although Hurricane Dorian skirted Darlington without inflicting major damage, the heavy rains after a prolonged dry spell resulted in more soil collapses and sinkholes across the city.

As of press time on Monday, Sept. 9, there were five new sinkholes: Two of these are located near the Darlington Fire Department (one on Wells Street and another at the intersection of Wells and Orange Street); one is on the Psillos Garden property at the corner of North Street and N. Main Street; one is located on East Broad Street near Hardee’s Restaurant; one is on Sycamore Street near the intersection with Pearl Street.

City officials said SCDOT has repaired the sinkholes on East Broad Street, Wells Street, and the intersection of Wells and Orange Street.

The sinkhole on Sycamore Street proved a more complicated problem, since the sinkhole collapsed an old terra cotta storm drain line near the site of a blighted sycamore tree that was taken down last year.

City of Darlington stormwater director Alex Gainey said crews dug up about 40 feet of the 18-inch collapsed line along Sycamore, and planned to dig out some of the line toward Pearl Street.

He said a new 15-inch corrugated plastic line would be installed, along with a catchbasin and a grate to allow access for future clearing or repairs.

“We’re just trying to fix it for now and make it so that in the future, we’ll have a good access point,” said Gainey.

Author: Rachel Howell

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