Look at your stories as a chance to ‘see beyond skin color’

Editor, Bobby Bryant, I don’t know you nor am I aware of you being present at any (Darlington) City Council meeting. Your refusal to publish a retraction or in the least a further explanation of my words in the context in which I made the black and white comments is an indication of your journalistic character. What is significant is not what I said, but your decision to extract these specific words from all of the other words I said...

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Living on Purpose – 7 things  to remember  about God

Living on Purpose – 7 things to remember about God

Joy to the world, the Lord is come!

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The strength of memory

I have heard it said and have often repeated the line – “Memory is the place where time stands still, and everything remains the same!”

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Thanks for the help with Angel Tree Project

The Darlington County Disabilities and Special Needs Board Foundation would like to express their appreciation to everyone who participated in the Angel Tree Project this year. From sponsors, monetary donors and individuals who purchased gifts for the Angel Tree Project for adults and children with disabilities and special needs in Darlington County. With your help we were able to provide gifts to over 100 individuals this year. The...

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Video cameras bring sunlight to public meetings

Excellent article on the issue of cameras in Darlington City Council meetings. I commend Anna DeWitt and her desire to know and share with others the issues discussed in these meetings. The best way to hold our political leaders accountable is by transparency and an open flow of information to the citizens. I would remind (councilwoman Sheila) Baccus that she is the servant of the people, all the people, and not the other way around....

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Why can’t the school district be a better community partner?

First, I want to commend your paper for the fine sets of articles on your front page Dec. 12. Every article complemented one another and perfectly showcased the crux of the problems (and the depth) in Darlington County. Thank you for your unwavering support of the public. A brief recap of the majority of the articles on Page One of the paper: 1) Darlington County schools are either barely passing or in one case, an abysmal failure...

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